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Landlord Resources, LLC is a family-owned real estate management business founded in 1972, and built on four generations of investment building experience in South Texas. We manage only property owned by our family and a few close friends, allowing us to focus on maintaining and growing a portfolio of income producing real estate through cost-conscious development and management that maintains and builds value. Because of our structure, we are able to cut out much of the inefficiency, delay, and miscommunication found with absentee ownership and separate "professional" management.

We're local, and we're known throughout the community for creative and responsible development. In recent years, we have focused on rehabilitation and adaptive reuse to build our asset base, building value for ourselves and putting value back on the tax rolls. We maintain our properties well and do what it takes to keep them updated, attractive, and competitive - and leased to successful tenants. At the same time, we aim to provide exceptional value to our customers. Our projects have won awards from the American Institute of Architects, the Corpus Christi Landmark Commission, Beautify Corpus Christi, and others.

We're small tenant specialists. Among our customers are dozens of local retail tenants and a multitude of small businesses in offices of one or just a few rooms. These folks are the bedrock of our local economy, and we devote the same attention to their needs as we do to our largest tenants. At the same time, we have the expertise and capital to address the largest and most complex requirements for retail and office space.

With a 2010 population of 420,185, Corpus Christi is Texas' 7th largest metro area, situated on the Gulf of Mexico, about midway between Houston and the Rio Grande. Historically, our community has based its economy on trade, agriculture, petroleum exploration, service, and refining, basic chemicals, and defense. Growing sectors of the economy are heavy manufacturing, tourism, education, health care, and teleservices, giving Corpus Christi a highly diversified economic base.

People come to Corpus Christi because our coastal environment and sub-tropical climate offer a multitude of opportunities for year-round outdoor activities - from windsurfing, sailing, fishing, and hunting to beachcombing, birdwatching, or simply looking at the sparkling waters of Corpus Christi Bay. We have a relaxed lifestyle, but most of the cultural and transportation benefits of a large city. The major urban centers of San Antonio and Houston are only 2 to 3 hours by car, so their amenities are near enough when we need them.

Corpus Christi offers both visitors and residents a diverse cultural palette that reveals our heritage as a Texas border outpost and Gulf Coast seaport. For information on some of Corpus Christi's most important institutions, check out these sites:

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